Difference Between Marketing and Sales, Fuzzy Navels and Cherry Bombs

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IS there a difference between sales and marketing? A question for the ages; just like, “Do Canada Geese really fly south for the winter? Yes. There is a major difference between sales and marketing (and “yes”, Canada Geese DO fly south in the winter!) The problem is, this debate is always overshadowed by egos! So, marketing people want to believe THEY are more important and of course, sales people always think they are the most important! :- ) The truth is if there is ever a need for two disciplines to work together for the sake of the … [Read more...]

Before You Write a Website Redesign Proposal

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Before you write your website redesign proposal, I imagine you have overcome the question, “when is it a good time to redesign my company’s website?” If not, let me take you on a quick tangent. The short answer, generally speaking, is every 2-3 years is a good time to consider a website redesign depending on the industry you are in; technology and market-forces change so, your business needs to adapt. However, to me, the question isn’t so much “when is it a good time to redesign my company’s website?” but rather, “why do I want to … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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Content marketing ideas are sometimes difficult to create because we are so distracted by day-to-day business activity. Yet, we acknowledge the importance of content in our web strategy; content is king, right! Particularly with Google’s recent SEO update (Hummingbird) has an even greater focus on content . In a very small nutshell, Hummingbird is all about Google being able to catch users' actual search intent and find the content that matches this intent the best. Writing content isn’t easy for many people. Content marketing ideas are a … [Read more...]

Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Click-Through Rates


Email marketing is an affordable marketing strategy that can produce great returns, (even with the growth of social media and mobile marketing, it is a favorable channel). According to HubSpot, 75% of marketers say that they are using more email than they were three years ago.  Email marketing is only as successful as your click-through rate. To remind you, a “click-through-rate” is a way of measuring the success of an email campaign by counting the number of users that clicked on a specific link in your email. Email marketing is a craft; … [Read more...]

What Can a Mobile App Do For My Business?

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Does my business need a mobile app to stay competitive? You must be wondering if mobile apps are a trend or a reality? Consider this first, in a survey reported by The Canadian Press in July 2013, 56% of Canadian adults were using a smartphone (up from 33 percent in early 2012). Mobile usage is not going anywhere but up! Is there value in creating a mobile app for your business? Sure there is. (I’ve outlined two key benefits below for developing a mobile app.) The tougher question is, does your business need a mobile app? Before I dive … [Read more...]